Liubov K., Moscow, Russia


Мне 55 лет. Своим здоровьем занимаюсь 14 лет. Все болячки остались позади, к врачам не обращаюсь последние 10 лет!

Приходится много времени работать за компьютером, вести малоподвижный образ жизни, беспокоило правое колено и тазобедренный сустав. О продукции Stemtech узнала в 2013 году, начала употреблять StemFlo и ST5. Потом добавила SE2. Сама не заметила, как прошел дискомфорт в колене, тазобедренном суставе, в шейном и поясничном отделе позвоночника, раньше больше 2-х часов не могла сидеть за компьютером. Появилась колоссальная работоспособность, энергия, концентрация внимания, прошла сонливость в течение дня, улучшился ночной сон, перестали беспокоить косточки на ногах, могу долго ходить на каблуках, стала более спокойной, улучшилась кожа, ушла седина, помолодела! Началась коррекция фигуры! Чувствую себя великолепно! Сейчас употребляю SE2 и DermaStem.

I am 55 years old. I have been taking care of my health for 14 years. My ill feelings are in the past; I have not had the need for doctor’s help for the last 10 years!

I often have to work long hours at the computer, lead a sedentary life, I had discomfort in my right knee and hip. I heard about Stemtech’s products in 2013, started taking StemFlo and ST5. Later I added SE2. I didn’t even notice how my knee and my hip stopped being uncomfortable, my neck-bone and back also, earlier I could not spend at the computer more than 2 hours. I gained colossal productivity, energy, focus, I don’t feel sleepy anymore – I sleep well, my feet don’t bother me so I can walk on high heels for a long time; I became calmer, my skin got better, I have less gray hair, I got younger! I became more slender! I feel amazing! I am taking SE2 and using DermaStem now.

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Irina B., Rybinsk, Russia


Пользоваться продукцией компании Stemtech стала  за два года до открытия компании в России.  Улучшилось настроение, появилась бодрость, больше стало энергии, перестали беспокоить боли в спине, Укрепились ногти, стали крепкими и не слоятся, значительно улучшился слух правого уха.
Пользуюсь косметикой DermaStem.Уменьшилось количество морщин и их глубина. Кожа стала более гладкой, упругой. Делают комплименты, что выгляжу моложе. Очень приятно!!!

I started taking Stemtech’s products two years before the Company opened for business in Russia. My mood became better, I got more cheerful, more energetic, my back pains stopped, my nails started looking better – they became stronger and stopped flaking, hearing in my left year dramatically improved.
I am using DermaStem. The lines on my face diminished, in depth as well. My skin became smoother, supple. I get compliments that I look younger. I love it!!!

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Yvonne N., Queensland AU

We are so happy with SE2 – We have the most wonderful feelings of wellness and vitality. Goodbye to those ‘Nana naps” of the past. We both function with so much more energy and vigour that we can take on the world!


Kelly A., Kerikeri NZ

I have been taking ST-5 for about 10 months now. I have gained more energy lasting all day, also with the suppression of appetite this product has changed my whole perspective of food – food is fuel… I don’t live to eat – I eat to LIVE!! Awesome!!!


Carol F., Hamilton NZ

As an Appearance Medicine Nurse I had been actively seeking an organic serum for my clinic, it had to be cutting edge, value for money and most importantly it had to work.
I am extremely impressed with the outstanding results I am achieving personally and clinically with Dermastem, the most incredible renewal & anti-aging serum on the planet!


Hector R., Puerto Rico

CAMBIOComencé a usar ST-5 en febrero de 2012, junto a un cambio a comida más saludable en mi dieta. Cuando empecé estaba en 318lbs y usando ST-5 diariamente en este periodo de tiempo he logrado bajar aproximadamente 100lbs a mi peso actual de 220lbs. Cada vez que tomo ST-5, la tomo con Skin milk y me siento con ánimos y energía durante el día, me siento satisfecho y me regula el apetito de modo que solo como lo que necesito. No realizo ejercicios, no cambié mi estilo de vida, solo comer más saludable y balanceado y tomar ST-5 diariamente. No hay quien venga a la oficina y no note el cambio en mí y lo bien que no solo me veo, sino quo bien que me siento.

I started using ST-5 in February 2012, while I also took a shift to eating healthier foods in my diet. When I started using ST-5, I was at 318lbs. Using ST-5 daily during this period of time, I managed to lose almost 100lbs and am down to my current weight of 220lbs. I take ST-5 with skim milk daily and have noticed that I feel in a better mood and have more energy during the day. It regulates my appetite and I feel satisfied, so only I eat what I need. I do not exercise and I did not change my lifestyle. I just started eating a bit healthier and taking ST-5 daily. Everyone in the office has noticed the change in not just how good I look, but in how good I feel too.

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Lada G., South Africa

The Power of 3 really works! I joined Stemtech as a VIP Customer just to buy SE2 at a discount. Within days both my mother and I were feeling so much better that I started telling everyone about SE2. People wanted to sign up, so I became a Distributor. In about a month I enrolled 12 VIP Customers, so now I get 2 bottles of SE2 & 2 bottles of StemPets each month for FREE!”

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Pieter B., South Africa

When he heard about StemEnhance® (now SE2) from Johannes P in an email, Pieter realized that perhaps Stemtech’s products were what he needed to forestall some annoying age-related signs that had been creeping up on the 61-year-old, a man who had always prided himself on a youthful appearance. “Sometimes I have to prove my age for people by producing my original ID-book,” he says. But his knee, elbow and shoulder joints had been giving him trouble lately (and these joints did not care how young Pieter looked to other people). Pieter bought a two-month’s supply of StemEnhance (now SE2), deciding to test the product thoroughly on himself “before I would really make an effort to sell or promote it,” he says, noting, “but I signed on as a Distributor just in case.”

Before his supply of StemEnhance (now SE2) was exhausted, Pieter’s body had passed his test. “For the first time in months, I could sleep on my side, comb my hair easily, drive my car comfortably and walk without limping,” he says. These days he is happy to say, “I can focus on living, enjoy Nature, play with my grandchildren and even drive 200-400 km just to visit a friend or relative for a day!” Pieter is now sharing his story and beginning to build a business, reaching out to people who, like him, are beginning to experience age-related complaints, but also to others. He says, “If you are a health-conscious person, I urge you to consider Stemtech’s products. They might be just what you need to get that winning edge.”

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Lien E., South Africa

Back in 2009, Lien’s health was deteriorating, so her initial attraction to StemEnhance® (now SE2) was in hopes that it would help her body to fight off the decline by supporting the natural renewal process. At the time, there was little thought of building a business for Lien. However, when her results were so much more than she could have hoped for, Lien wanted to share her story with others. Her husband, a physiologist, had been very skeptical about Stemtech and its products and, Lien says, “He had a hard time believing that a capsule could help the body from head to toe – that is, until he experienced his own dramatic improvement in his elbow, which had been a problem for a long time. He has been taking StemEnhance (now SE2) daily ever since.”

As she enjoyed the gift of good health, Lien says, “I wanted to tell the world about this amazing product, StemEnhance! (now SE2)” It made sense, therefore, for her to begin building a business. At first, she saw that having Customers and Distributors on AutoShip effectively “covered” the cost of her own monthly AutoShip order: “I began getting my capsules ‘for free’!” Soon, Lien says, “I was busy changing my financial status, as I built my extra-special team of Distributors with help from my very good friend Pierre Nortier.” Now as her team grows, Lien enjoys each new day, saying, “I have so many dreams. And with the help of Stemtech’s products and opportunity, I will soon be able to see them come true!”

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Edward D., Ghana

A Chartered Management Consultant with an MBA in Human Resources, Edward recently resigned an HR management position to build his Stemtech business fulltime. “Because my target is five FastStarts a week, I do three regional presentations weekly, also meeting with clients I’ve known from my previous positions, as well as bank officials, government officials, healthcare professionals, businessmen/women and church-people.” As he speeds along a fast-track to Chairman’s Club, Edward says he is most grateful to Stemtech for the vastly improved quality of life his wife now enjoys with StemEnhance.

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